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Grain by grain – sowing and harvesting quality

We leave nothing to chance. We pay attention to the quality of our raw materials right from the very start.

Via our agricultural company IRUSO, we already make a convincing contribution to grain cultivation, starting from the variety recommended and leading up to the final harvest.

Versed experts from our subsidiaries are in close contact with the farmers in the areas of cultivation. We contribute all our know-how in regard to the choice of seed varieties, the nature of the soil, the provision of nutrients or the determination of the perfect conditions for the harvest. The obligatory field register of the farmer documents all the measures implemented.

IRUSO takes care of the delivery of high-quality brewing grain to our malthouses. A professional receipt of the harvested goods by the farmer and the quality-conscious storage at the IRUSO warehouses are of the greatest importance for the quality of our raw materials.

  • From the cultivation recommendation to the superior final product malt, reliable quality control is in our own hands
  • Separated storage according to variety and quality under optimum conditions
  • Comprehensive traceability of each grain batch back to the field of the farmer
  • Controlled and documented transport
  • Storage capacity for more than 350,000 tons of raw grain in our own warehouses in Upper and Lower Franconia, the Upper Palatinate and Thuringia

This close connection to the farming world has decisive advantages for our customers: According to customer requirements, we can already control the cultivation of the grain in a certain direction. In this way, the later characteristics of the malt, and therefore the quality of the beer made from it, can be improved at an early stage.