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IREKS grain competence

Two hands holding cereal kernels

Grain by grain

Grain is our most important basic raw material. That’s why we want to play it safe when it comes to its cultivation and processing. At our five malting sites, only the highest quality raw materials are processed into IREKS malts according to the highest quality and technology standards. Our own agricultural trade, via which we are involved in the entire value-added chain, plays an important role in this connection since it allows us to influence the quality of our brewing malts right from the start and to take up individual customer wishes or trends.


The long-standing cooperation with our regional contract farmers from Northern Bavaria and Thuringia as well as the numerous local receiving points are an important part of our value-added chain.

Variety selection 

The IREKS team of experts supports as early as the moment of grain variety selection. In this way, we cultivate exactly the amount that is needed in a specific region.

Regional recording

Our various locations in Bavaria and Thuringia facilitate a regional grain delivery in the immediate vicinity of the agricultural businesses.

Initial quality controls

Proper recording of the harvested crop and quality controls on delivery determine the further path of the grain.


The topic of raw material safety has top priority at IREKS. Every step of our value-added chain is therefore closely analysed and monitored by quality controls.

Optimal storage

At our sites, the grain is stored according to variety under ideal conditions.

Safe transport

We carefully monitor and document the transport of the grain from our receiving and storage sites to the production site.

Further quality control

Before the grain is further processed at IREKS, we carry out numerous analyses in our laboratories at the IREKS IQ Centre.


We use various processes to refine the grain. In this way, we manufacture a variety of natural products that our customers make individual use of for unique beer and baked goods.

Further processing

Only high-quality grain is refined in IREKS’ modern production facilities. Ongoing quality controls are indispensable here, too.

Malts for brewing

This is how our wide range of base and speciality malts for brewing is created...

Baking ingredients

... just as is our range of base and speciality malts for baking, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of aroma and taste!