Certified beer sommeliers were guests at IREKS

Promoting the image of beer culture and bringing the profession of beer sommelier into the spotlight of public attention – that is the goal of the Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers. This year’s first meeting of the Northern Bavaria Section took place at IREKS in Kulmbach.

Since 2005, the Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers, based in St. Pölten, Austria, has been the largest international, cross-sectoral beer sommelier network. On the occasion of the first meeting of the Northern Bavaria Section this year, Kay-Tassilo Pauli, Sales / Distribution Malt at IREKS GmbH and beer sommelier & association member Matthias Hansen, Head of Company Laboratory Malt at IREKS GmbH, welcomed the members to the IREKS headquarters in Kulmbach.

After a brief introduction, the certified beer sommeliers were given an exclusive company tour. The focus was not only on the IREKS malthouses and the associated processing of the grain to the malt kernel. The guests were also able to take a look at our baking ingredients production. Here, high-quality baking ingredients for bread and rolls as well as for confectionery baked goods are manufactured – from improvers and mixes to malts and sourdoughs.

The afternoon was rounded off with a tour of Kulmbach’s traditional Kommunbräu brewery. With a subsequent beer tasting and a joint dinner, the certified beer sommeliers brought the Section meeting to a fitting end.