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Our malthouses in Germany and Austria are the starting point for supplying our customers worldwide with first-class IREKS malts – whether by truck, rail or ship, loose or bagged.

LocationAddressProcessing capacity
IREKS GmbH, KulmbachLichtenfelser Str. 20, D-95326 Kulmbach
Wilhelm-Meußdoerffer-Straße 19, D-95326 Kulmbach
Penselstrasse 2, D-95326Kulmbach
around 220 t per day
around 50 t per day
around 70 t per day
IREKS GmbH, Sulzbach-RosenbergNeumarkter Str. 11, D-92237 Sulzbach-Rosenbergaround 80 t per day
IREKS GmbH, SchweinfurtHafenstraße 46, D-97424 Schweinfurt
Mainberger Str. 13, D-97422 Schweinfurt
around 125 t per day
around 60 t per day
STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik, Wien Smolagasse 1, A-1220 Wienaround 350 t per day
STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik, Graz Reininghausstraße 15, A-8020 Grazaround 250 t per day