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Thinking about tomorrow – now

Quality and sustainability are two topics that are closely intertwined at IREKS. In both areas, we strive to improve ourselves continuously and to think IREKS forward for the future.

The malt production process is comparatively energy-intensive. That is why we pay special attention to this fact as part of our sustainability efforts and continuously invest in improvement measures. In this connection, we use our know-how and wealth of experience and keep our eyes and ears open for innovative technical solutions.


What we do in concrete terms

We have been using two combined heat and power plants in our malt production since 1989. They are regularly being modernised and their waste heat is used to heat our evaporation columns. Compared to conventional power plants, their efficiency of more than 90 % is twice as high. Our plant technology is also subject to ongoing modernisation processes. For example, we use highly efficient air heaters with condensing technology that additionally utilises the energy in the flue gas as much as possible. Highly efficient exhaust air heat exchangers are also in use.

An innovative energy-optimised process control during germination and kiln-drying supports us in the area of process optimisation without having to accept any compromises in terms of the quality of our malts. We produce according to traditional germination methods with falling temperatures, which leads to high enzyme activities and thus good processing in the brewery. We also attach importance to gentle kiln-drying and roasting, which results in correspondingly lower energy consumption.

Wherever possible, we source barley by ship and rail, which has the advantage of lower transport emissions and additionally reduces the burden on road traffic. Moreover, we promote the cultivation of malting barley in the region, which in turn has a positive effect on transport routes.

When it comes to packaging, we rely on paper bags, which are used in our modern bagging plant. Last but not least, our products are increasingly manufactured according to ecological standards.

Our own agricultural trade, via which we handle large parts of our brewing grain procurement, enables us to maintain a comprehensive network in the agricultural sector.

For us, acting sustainably also means being on the move – towards even more resource-saving and environmentally friendly processes. That is why we are continuously working on and looking for solutions that support us in achieving these goals.

Thinking ahead. Embracing the future.

Our concept of sustainability combines facets of ecology, economy and social commitment. The UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as an orientation for our Company Group. From these comprehensive starting points, we have defined the most important fields of action for IREKS.

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