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Quality is our business - for unperturbed beer enjoyment

Today, malt fulfils the highest of food standards. By means of analyses in our own malt laboratories and trace analysis laboratory, by regular external audits, by the additional inclusion in a special monitoring system of the malt trade and by the use of all technological possibilities, we guarantee food safety of the highest level.

An especial mention has to be given to the ultra trace analysis laboratory at IREKS. Equipped with all the most modern apparatuses, it provides a highly sensitive monitoring for our raw materials and malts. For example, we check our raw materials for the most minute residues of mycotoxins, pesticides or heavy metals. Contents of 1 ppb, i.e. 1 gram in 1,000,000 tons of raw material, can be measured.

In our extensively equipped central malt laboratory, we do not only check the standard parameters of a brewing malt, but we can also even carry out special analyses ourselves, such as for example:

  • Electrophoretic determination of variety
  • Fusarium control
  • Tests for oxalic acid
  • Gushing test
  • DMS-P and the beta-glucan content of malt

Regarding wheat malt, we subject each kiln to the gushing test. Each incoming delivery of wheat is tested for fusaria and mycotoxins.

Our laboratories enable us to select raw materials carefully and to produce and supply malts of the highest quality. IREKS customers can be absolutely certain of this.