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Experience and the most modern
technology guarantee quality
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Innovation and the most modern technology

The success of our company covering 160 years is not just by chance. This development also results from the willingness to invest in modern techniques and innovative technology at all times.

Modern and well maintained malthouses form the basis of our quality policy.

By means of constant computer-controlled monitoring and documentation of all process data relevant to quality, we are able to control the characteristics of all malt varieties in a specific way. Consequent quality awareness at every work place and intelligent technical solutions guarantee the well-known IREKS quality.

We feel duty bound to our environment and endeavour to have the lowest use of resources.

  • Use of the most modern technology and techniques
  • Hygiene and quality awareness in all departments
  • Protection of resources and the optimum use of energy
  • Flexibility when implementing customer requirements
  • Comprehensive and individual range of quality malts

In this way, high-quality, homogeneous malt is created at IREKS under ideal conditions. Our customers can place their trust in this.